Pint of Science 2018

We were delighted to host a Pint of Science 2018 event at the Gunmakers Arms/Two Towers Brewery. Thanks to the attendees, speakers and organisers from Aston University. A special mention goes to Liz (Aston University Marketing and Operations Manager) for keeping it all on track.

What did we have? Six superb talks spread over three days covering issues of gender and sexuality, pornography, North Korea, Brummie accents, female serial killers and the criminal mind.


To kick things off on day one – ‘Let’s talk about sex’. Dr Annalise Weckesser (Birmingham City University) and Dr Keeley Abbott (Birmingham City University) discussed the taboos around women’s sexual health and wellbeing in a very interested talk. Professor John Mercer (Birmingham City University) spoke about to the place of pornography and in particular gay porn as a feature of contemporary popular culture and its relationship to modern masculinity.

2018-05-13 20.15.21


On day two we had two experts from Aston University covering ‘Fear and Loathing: Near and Far’. Dr Virginie Grzelczyk posed the question ‘Who’s Afraid of North Korea?’ and shared insights about what really is going on within North Korea and what we might be expecting in the near future. Professor Urszula Clark covered the English obsession with how people speak and the assumptions we make about different regional accents. Urszula’s talk asked ‘is it better to stay silent than speak with a Brummie accent?’. We dow know wot she ment Bab!


The final day was ‘Violence, Murder and the Criminal Mind’ Professor Elizabeth Yardley (Birmingham City University) spoke about ‘Female Serial Killers: Why are we so fascinated with women who kill and kill again?’ covering the media’s fascination with female serial killers, what female serial killers ‘look like’, how and why the kill and why we continue to be intrigued by women who commit serial homicide. This was followed by Professor Jessica Woodhams (University of Birmingham) talk on ‘Crime Linkage: Violence, Murder and the Criminal Mind’. How offenders commit crimes and how this is portrayed in crime fiction and popular TV shows. Jessica spoke about whether offenders commit their crimes in a consistent manner and what influences this.


Six fascinating talks were delivered to a full house of interested attendees. Thanks again to all involved. We’ve had science talks here in the past and we’ll have more here in the future, so watch this space science fans. Cheers the GA/TTB team.

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