Brewery launch

It’s been a while since our last blog. The main reason was the brewery move. Well …

Beer drinkers will be heading for Birmingham’s historic Gun Quarter next Monday November 7 for 6pm to celebrate the opening of Two Towers Brewery’s new premises behind their brewery tap, the Gunmakers Arms, in Bath Street.

The six-year-old brewery relocated during the summer from an industrial unit on the edge of the Jewellery Quarter to an old gunmaking workshop and has now resumed brewing cask ales such as Hockley Gold, Jewellery Porter and Bhacker Ackhams; most of Two Towers’ beers have a Birmingham connection.

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The move heralds a new stage in the development of Two Towers Brewery and is a sign of the revitalisation of the brewing industry in Birmingham which used to be the home of Mitchells & Butlers, Ansells and Davenports.

The unit had been empty for 15 years, was semi-derelict and needed a complete refurbishment, including the installation of basic utilities. We’ve split the brewing over two floors and now use a traditional gravity transfer from mash tun to kettle. We’ve also installed a huge window so Gunmakers Arms customers can see their beer being brewed, including our Christmas favourite Sleighed.


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Join us for the official launch of the Two Towers Brewery at Shadwell St. The brewery is located directly to the rear of the Gunmakers Arms. There will be an opportunity to look around the brewery and listen to a brief talk about Two Towers Brewery. We’ll also talk about ingredients and brewing processes. A mini TTB tour!


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    Via Two Towers Ale


  2. keithbracey · November 5, 2016

    We will be there to sup a few pints of the perfect Jewellery Porter!


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    The #BrumIsBrill #TwoTowersBrewery launch their new premises in Birmingham’s #GunQuarter in #ShadwellStreet just to the rear of their great Taphouse #TheGunmakersArms on Monday 7th November at 6pm……Be there for some great beer and banter as we celebrate this great Birmingham Brewery’s next step on the road to world domination…..well BrummaGEM at least!


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